As I sat in our living room last night amid thunder and lightning, rain, and then sleet, you really have to give it to mother nature. She really wanted to cram it all in on my final day of holiday vacation. This was after the temperature on Christmas Eve day reached the low 50's, and my kids played outside with jackets on Christmas Day! But, if you wait long enough, winter will always win here in Iowa. It looks like this week could turn white and cold.

Last night's first storm system brought mainly rain to folks here in Eastern Iowa. The best chance of any accumulating snow was north of Highway 20. CBS2 points out that there is still a risk for some patchy freezing drizzle this morning for areas in the far northeast portion of the state. Once the rain ends, the rest of today will be dry, but more winter fun lies in store on Tuesday.

CBS2 reports that more of Eastern Iowa will see some snow from Tuesday's storm system, with a wintry mix and snow likely for most people living north of Highway 30. But where will the snow/mix line be? That could determine just how much snow we get, or how much freezing drizzle and sleet come down. Plus, we'll see winds near 40 miles per hour and falling temperatures for the remainder of the week.

We'll keep you posted on the latest developments courtesy of our weather partners at CBS2. But prepare for some slick travel on Tuesday!

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