Nope, we didn't watch any of the two-part season finale of ABC's The Bachelor. Swear to God! We only 'heard' that Arie dropped one girl like hot rocks and went crawling back to another girl, and that — OMG, how can you possibly treat someone like that on national television!?

Okay, cover blown. We were glued to The Bachelor this season and have thoughts on Arie, Becca, Lauren, that phone call and — most relevant to this story and video — who the next Bachelor should be! They need to check all the boxes: single, sexy, a little bit quirky and/or dramatic and most most important, good to their mamas.

These five single country men be like: "Hey, girl!"

Brett Eldredge practically asked for it in 2017 when he told Taste of Country he was hoping to find forever love soon. But if tall, funny, handsome men with a fondness for Frank Sinatra aren't your jam, maybe you'll like Kip Moore? He's kind of the anti-Brett: dark, moody, muscled, private and into a wide range of musical styles.

Jake Owen maybe? Come on, girls, they way he is around his daughter Pearl is absolutely adorable. And he's growing his hair long again! Sure, right now he looks like the other guy in hipster relationship rom-com from the late '90s, but it's getting there!

Mark Wystratch from Midland might be trouble, but wouldn't it be fun to find out? The former model-turned-country singer is quirky and cute, and cute ... maybe we don't know much about him, but those eyes! Praise Jesus for sparing two sapphires and dropping them right above his chiseled cheek bones.

Chris Young has been a longtime favorite for this role, and while it seems likely that if he was up for it, it'd have happened by now, we'll include him on our list of five country singers that should be the next The Bachelor star.

Now it's your turn! Choose one of our five in the poll below or make a case for another in the comments section:

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