Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." Brett Eldredge captures that wisdom perfectly in the "Songs About You" music video.

Just like the lyrics describe, we find Eldredge lost in a mess of memories about his ex lover. Everything reminds him of her, from the smell of her perfume to the songs they enjoyed together.

Throughout the video we see the country star wandering aimlessly down a crowded street, wallowing in the various stages of grief on the couch, and even attempting to go on a date with someone new. However, the memories continue to haunt him.

After discovering a business card for a "Memory Spot Delete Procedure" a few times throughout the video, Eldredge takes a chance on the process. With wires attached to his head, he lies on a bed, reliving all the moments he shared with is former flame. As the doctor deletes these moments from his brain, we see Eldredge's girlfriend disappear from each scene.

The singer begins to panic as he runs through his memories looking for just one to hold onto before it vanishes. Finally, he awakens with a start, realizing that the procedure was all a dream. He appears relieved, despite knowing he will have to keep living with the pain of a broken heart.

"Songs About You" is the title track of Eldredge's fifth studio album, which arrived on June 17. The track is exactly what it sounds like: All of the songs that transport us to a moment in time. In this case, that moment is one of lost love.

"There are songs that just transport you back in time to a moment with someone you love," he shares in a press release. "Even though you’ve not been with the person for a long time, these songs take ahold of you. You might be having a fine day, then you walk into a store where the song is playing, and you're transported into the past."

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