Sometimes in politics, it's interesting to look back and say 'what if'. What if this candidate had run, or if this person had been chosen as a running mate. Iowans are doing a bit of that lately as documents have revealed that Iowa Senator Joni Ernst turned down a chance to be Donald Trump's running mate, and ultimately, our vice president.

Senator Ernst ended up turning down then-candidate Trump on his offer to be his running mate due to family concerns. She made the claim in an affidavit in a divorce proceeding. It was first reported by Cityview, an alternative Des Moines newspaper. The filing was made last October but was recently unsealed earlier this month after Ernst and her husband Gail, settled their divorce.

Ernst said that after Trump interviewed her to be his running mate in July of 2016, she turned down the offer saying, "it wasn't the right thing for me or for my family." She said that it was a sacrifice she made for her husband who wasn't fond of her political career.

Ernst has stated she plans on running for re-election in 2020.


[via CBS2]

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