UPDATE: The curbside collection of sandbags in Cedar Rapids has been pushed back to Wednesday.  The process, which is free to residents, is expected to take up to three weeks. Only one trip through each neighborhood is planned.

Sandbags are to placed for pickup by 7 a.m. Wednesday morning and can be left in one of three places.

  • In a driveway, if space allows and one lane is still clear.
  • If on a low traffic street, sandbags can be placed in the street, leaving 6 inches between the curb and the sandbags.
  • Sandbags can be placed on the public right of way next to the street.

Sandbags should NOT be placed in alleys and residents are asked NOT to park vehicles near sandbags. Residents can still drop off sandbags in the parking lot of the Noelridge Aquatic Center, or near the tennis courts at Ellis Park. The Noelridge location is open through today, while Ellis is open through Friday.


[via Gazette]

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