The internet and social media has done something to us. It's turned us into our own news outlet. When we see something happen, we want to be the first to post it, tweet it and tell others we knew first. It's something that I generally don't mind if the information is correct and current. Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my newsfeed on Facebook to find that former Golden Girl Rue McClanahan has passed away. I stopped and thought for a moment. Wasn't she already dead? Yes, in fact she was, and still is by the way. McClanahan passed away back in 2010 due to complications from a stroke. A random case of someone missing the story? It's possible that somebody surfing the internet found the story, didn't check what year it was from and then posted it thinking they were breaking the news first. Just one problem. This happened LAST year too! Why are people recycling old news? I'm going to give you a little tip. If you ever come across a story that you're not sure when it happened, got a little website called It confirms and denies internet rumors and could spare you and Rue McClanahan's family some uncomfortable moments.

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