A unique show celebrating one of the most beloved television shows from the 1980s is coming to Cedar Rapids this month.

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We all have our sort of comfort shows, right? The television episodes that we put on when we want something we know will make us laugh or feel good after a tough day. For me, that show has to be the multiple Emmy-winning comedy 'The Golden Girls.'


For fans of the classic sitcom, the next best thing to seeing all of these four legendary ladies perform together live just might be a puppet show. That's right!

'That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody!" is making multiple stops in the Hawkeye State this month. The structure of the 75-minute show centers around the four ladies in three different mini-episodes. Each of which focuses on one of the women.

For fans who have probably binged the series a few hundred times, these episodes are brand new and written specifically FOR this puppet parody. One of the puppetiers Lu Zielinski said,

"You'll get some of your favorite one-liners from the series with our added flair to it."

One of the performers behind the puppet is Lu Zielinski. The actress shared her excitement to be a part of the show and play the sensational and sassy Blanche Devereaux on tour.

She even admitted to taking on a few of Blanche's traits during this entire process. From the character's sassiness to even her accent, Zielinski feels like there is just a bit of Blanche in her now.

Betty White's recent passing marked the death of all four of the beloved 'Golden Girls.' The late actor inarguably played a critical role in the success of the Emmy-winning show. While there were no major changes made to the show after the death of this actor, there is one specific moment that holds a bit more weight now.

At the end of the show, there's a single line where someone  asks, "What's going to happen to us when there's none of us left?" And the actress admits that this moment draws an audible response from the crowds now.

"I feel like this is the best way that we can pay homage to her, and we get to make people laugh which is one of her biggest gifts in life."

'That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody' will be making a stop in several Iowa venues this month. On Wednesday, February 2nd, audiences in Cedar Rapids can see the show at the Paramount Theatre at 7:00 PM.

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