If you're a huge INDYCAR race fan, then you probably are excited about the 2023 event scheduled for the Iowa Speedway in Newton. What you probably aren't going to be excited to see is the huge increase in ticket prices from this past year's event.

Local 5 reports that ticket holders for last year's race are seeing a huge bump in ticket prices in the information they've received asking if they'd like to buy tickets to the race in 2023. One die-hard race fan told Local 5 that he thought his invoice was "a mistake", and that he was in "sticker shock." A weekend ticket to this year's race would have set you back $335. The weekend ticket price for the race in 2023? $796. That kind of price hike will make it difficult for INDYCAR fans that travel from surrounding states to afford the trip. Here are the official ticket prices for the 2023 Hy-Vee INDYCAR Weekend.


Local 5 reports that for upper row grandstand tickets at turn one ran around $85 for this past year's race. In 2023 those same tickets will run you $200. One race fan told Local 5 that it would be cheaper to attend an INDYCAR race in St. Petersburg, Florida, including airfare, lodging, and tickets than it would be to attend next year's race here in Iowa. So what does the 2023 Hy-Vee INDYCAR Weekend have that other races don't? An amazing lineup of pre and post-race concerts. Check out this lineup!

  • Saturday pre-race - Carrie Underwood
  • Saturday post-race - Kenny Chesney
  • Sunday pre-race - Zac Brown Band
  • Sunday post-race - Ed Sheeran

It is an absolutely incredible lineup of entertainment. Hy-Vee told Local 5 that its investment in the Iowa Speedway is to make the weekend a unique experience for race fans and music goers. Tina Potthoff with Hy-Vee stated,

It has always been our goal to make the Hy-Vee INDYCAR Race Weekend more than just a race, but a true three-day festival that celebrates racing as much as it does Iowa.

Hy-Vee officials told Local 5 that despite the price increases they still expect next year's event to sell out. The window to renew tickets has closed, and packages will now go on sale to the general public on Monday, December 5th.

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