The dogs that we feature on Furry Fridays need a little extra help in finding a new home. Most are adult dogs of varying ages looking for their next forever family. It's not that shelters don't get puppies in, it's just that they don't last that long. That's why we were shocked when Amanda from Last Hope brought a couple of puppies with her this week. We got to hang out with Carly and Stevie and it turns out they're just the tip of the puppy iceberg!

Our two furry friends are part of a litter of six puppies up for adoption at Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids! Carly and Stevie are around 8 to 10 weeks old and are full of energy and puppy cuteness. Seriously, how can you ignore a puppy? You can't! But their litter isn't the only one at Last Hope! Amanda shared details about another group of 11 puppies at the shelter too! Nearly 20 puppies you can adopt! If you're looking at adding a young dog to your family this is the time to do it!

You can check out all the puppies up for adoption, including Carly and Stevie, at Last Hope! 

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