Some people fall into fall -- and hard. The crisp air, the cozy aromas, the Instagram-friendly light (#nofilter) -- it's your favorite time of year ... and you might just have "fall fever."

See below for the symptoms of "fall fever" and decide if you've got it -- and bad.

1) Sweater Weather Is Your Favorite Weather

Sweater Weather
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When it comes to sweaters, the bigger the better. You see them more as a "wearable blanket" and the more cashmere-ish, the better. Layering is the secret to a fall wardrobe (and by "layering" you mean wearing more than one sweater).

2) Sometimes You Get a Little Carried Away With the Fire Pit

Fire Pit

You feel the need for heat on your feet constantly and the only way to warm those frosty toes is a massive and somewhat precarious fire. Marshmallows are not mandatory but they help. Keep a bucket of water handy at all times.

3) If a Vegetable Exists, You've Roasted It

Roasted Vegetables

You wake up in the middle of the night screaming "40 minutes at 400!" because you know that's the perfect formula for roasting pretty much anything from the fall veggie bounty. Whole heads of garlic? Easy. Beets? Child's play. Boiling and steaming anything that grows makes your eyes roll into next week.

4) You Love 'Pumpkin Spice' Products Un-ironically

Pumpkin Spice Everything
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You masterfully block out the "anti-pumpkin spice" movement because there isn't a product that you haven't tried and enjoyed -- and that's okay. You do, however, hoard products under your bed because you're perfectly fine with sipping a hot pumpkin-spiced tea on a humid summer's day. And you are also well aware of the fact that pumpkin-spice products contain no actual pumpkin (thank you very much) because that would be gross.

5) You've Actually Considered Living in an Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard
Photo by Marissa Price on Unsplash

Just a typical fall weekend: a bunch of friends head to the local orchard to pick some apples, sip some cider and sit on a bale of hay. Except you are nowhere to be found because you wandered deep into the orchard, never to be seen again -- at least until they track you down using a trail of cider donut holes.

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