When Pixar first made Toy Story, they always imagined that the Buzz Lightyear action figure was inspired by some massive blockbuster movie that existed in the Toy Story universe that audiences just never got to see.

Now we will.

As revealed by Pixar Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter at Disney’s Investor Day, Pixar’s big summer 2022 movie is called Lightyear, and it’s the epic origin story of Buzz Lightyear. The real Buzz Lightyear, that is — not the toy. The idea, if we’re understanding this whole concept right, is that this is the movie that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toys that star in the Toy Story movies.

You won’t hear Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, though. Playing the character in his origin is former Captain America Chris Evans. Pixar even unveiled an early teaser for the film. They’re calling it “the definitive story of the original Buzz Lightyear.”

They also revealed a first look at this new version of the character:


This sounds like a great concept for Pixar. They can make a big action blockbuster movie — while spoofing them at the same time. And Evans is the perfect voice to do both those things. Look for Pixar’s Lightyear in the summer of 2022. Just wait until they make Lightyear toys inspired by Lightyear that aren’t Buzz Lightyear. Then things are gonna get really weird. (That could be the premise of Toy Story 5 right there.)

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