Warning. This article is about to get political. But before you tune out or click on something else take a minute a read a bit further. Because while this may get political, it won't get partisan. Over the weekend, I tuned out most of social media. Facebook, Twitter. It all is just filled with too many lies and bad memes that aren't based on facts. But while browsing videos on Youtube, I discovered something that I thought was pretty amazing.

The website is called A Starting Point. It was developed and thought of by Captain America. OK, so the actor that plays Captain America, Chris Evans, had a large role in it. He and others were feed up like so many of the rest of us with misinformation on so many important topics being spread around the internet. He was also upset that so many citizens don't get involved in the political process because they think they don't know enough about the issues. That is where A Starting Point comes in.

The website features information on important issues relevant in America today. And the best part is that all the information provided on the website comes from both Republicans and Democrats. There is no partisanship. Just information from both sides on important issues. Then you can decide where you land on the entire political spectrum, or just on one issue. The only thing the website offers is the ability to register to vote.

In these deeply divided political times, it warmed my heart to see a group of people so dedicated to simply educating the American people on the issues. Having a properly informed electorate is important. It's also important to hear from the other side of an issue. It may open your mind to a view you hadn't thought of. It also makes you realize that the people on the other side of the aisle are just that. People.

So in this election year of 2020, don't be afraid of the political process. Dive in and learn more about it. A Starting Point is just that. A good place to start.


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