We meet all kinds of dogs on 'Furry Fridays'. Some are strays, some are owner surrenders, and some are rescued from other states. This week we got to meet Fargo. He's a two-year-old pit that has had a rough start to his life. Without going into too many specifics, he faced some physical abuse that can be seen by the lack of his ears. That's right. Someone cut his ears off. I can't imagine what kind of human being would do that to any living thing, much less a dog. But that doesn't stop Fargo from being a total sweetheart. He was a little timid at first, but he warmed right up to us. He even broke in the carpet in the KHAK studio with a major back scratching session!

Fargo would be best as the only dog in his new home but gets along with eveyone. Even though he's a two-year-old male, he's a bit undersized making him a fine companion for kids too. Fargo is available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. Don't dwell on his past. He has such a bright future ahead of him. Be a part of that.

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