Sometimes I just don't understand social media debates!

This morning I came across a Twitter post that has gone super viral. People in the social media world have started a serious discussion on the proper way to draw the letter "x." No, this is not a joke.

The viral photo features the eight different ways to draw an "x," based on which line you start with and whether you draw the lines up or down.

According to a recent Buzzfeed poll, the most popular number by far is #7 at 67%, which happens to be my answer, as well. Second place went to #8 at 22%. The original poster @SMASEY wrote in the comments of her post: "General consensus is that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6. Probably how we were taught. Not sure about other countries."

Based on some of the comments I've read, people are taking this debate really seriously. That's kind of strange to me, because how often are you really writing out the letter "x?" Unless you're a teacher or you play a lot of tic-tac-toe, chances are you're usually typing things out, anyway, so it doesn't matter. Not that it ever mattered in the first place, because really, who's going to discriminate against you for how you write a letter? Just another silly social media debate to keep us busy this week!

If you're interested in playing along, post your designated number in the comments below!

[Via Buzzfeed]

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