When you hear the name Pentatonix, you immediately think of Christmas and holiday music right?

The acapella group has set out on The Most Wonderful Tour Of The Year already and dropped a new Christmas album in October.

Entitled 'The Greatest Christmas Hits' this 2-CD album features 31 Christmas-themed songs along with eight new recordings. One of them is their latest single 'Please Santa Please.'

Pentatonix will be bringing fans on the most fun holiday tour of their career yet.

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In a recent interview with Kevin Olusola otherwise known as K.O., revealed that they start prepping for the holiday season in January, a good eleven months before Christmas.

"It's a long process, but it's also really fun because we get to be in the Christmas spirit all year long!" K.O. said.

"You can be very wild and creative with arrangements, sometimes in ways that you can't be in original music," the Yale graduate went on to say.

While K.O. gets to be in the Christmas spirit all year long, he admits that it's up to you on when you want to start jamming out to the holiday hits.

"If you feel like listening to Christmas music in July, you better get up the Christmas playlist and go, 'ya know what? Everybody, come and judge me, that is perfectly fine! I'm going to be in my house listening to Christmas music."

Pentatonix In Iowa

The group has made some recent stops in Iowa, and the big takeaway of the Hawkeye State for K.O. was the food. The Iowa State Fair food to be exact!

They were in Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair one recent year, and K.O. could not get over the relatively tame deep-fried Oreos.

"I didn't know you could fry Oreos. What in the actual world? That is amazing!"

He said he would like to return to the State Fair one day to check it out with his family.

When Can I See Pentatonix?

The group started The Most Wonderful Tour Of The Year this month with a show in California on November 14th. It is set to move throughout the entire country with several stops in the Midwest.

This includes shows in Omaha, Minneapolis, and one a bit closer to home.

Pentatonix will be performing in Moline, Illinois on Monday, November 27th at Vibrant Arena at the MARK. Tickets for the show are now on sale here. 

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