One of the most quoted pieces of parenting advice is the phrase "pick your battles". Not a problem. You'll have plenty of them with your kids. A new study has found that you'll have over 4,000 by the time they turn 18!

The study looked at the average number of arguments or battles you'll have with your kids when they're between the ages of 2 and 18. They found you'll have an average of 5 per week for those 16 years. That's 4,210 battles you'll face. And if you think you're going to WIN all of them, think again. Parents will win about 60% of the time. Thus the phrase, well, you know it by now.

The top things that kids and parents battle over sound like they installed secret microphones and cameras in my house. They include chores, messy bedroom, not cleaning up after themselves, homework, bedtime, phone and computer time, arguments with siblings, brushing teeth, too much TV, and not eating healthy.

Have fun prioritizing THAT list! It's one of parentings greatest challenges. Let the battle begin!


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