Do you have some really old food in the back of your freezer? If so, it could win you some free pizza!

Today is October 1st, which also marks the beginning of National Pizza Month. To celebrate the occasion, Papa Murphy's has launched a new contest called the "Search for America's Oldest Frozen Pizza Sweepstakes." It all started with a survey that Papa Murphy's conducted recently. A press release from PR Newswire reports:

"... more than half of respondents prefer to never have to resort to a frozen pizza, and about one-third admit they've found a mystery disc in their freezer that they either didn't know how old it was, forgot they had it, didn't remember buying it or didn't know where it came from."

Papa Murphy's is asking Americans to check out the depths of their freezers and report back with their findings using social media. If you happen to locate a really old frozen pizza, all you have to do is take a photo or video of the box with the expiration date clearly visible. Then post that photo or video on Twitter with the hashtags "#pizzaexchange" and "#sweepstakes." Oh, and don't forget to tag @PapaMurphys, too. Get that done by October 8th and you could be one of THREE grand prize winners! Those winners will receive a year's supply of Papa Murphy's pizza, a brand new freezer, and a gift card. For a detailed explanation of contest rules, click HERE.

I checked out the hashtags on Twitter to see if anyone has entered, and it appears that a lot of people are not posting photos of expired frozen pizza, they're just begging to win. As long as you follow directions, I'd say your chances of winning are pretty good right now. Best of luck!

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