315 kids in Cedar Rapids are rocking new Nikes just in time for Christmas!

According to a recent article from CBS 2, 315 students at Grant Elementary School in Cedar Rapids were surprised with new shoes and other items at IMagINe For Youth's "Kicks For Kids" giveaway last week.

The official website says that IMagINe for Youth was founded by form Iowa Hawkeye Micah Hyde, and their mission "is to ensure that youth facing financial hardships in the communities we serve have the opportunity to excel both athletically and academically by providing the necessary resources, supplies and equipment." 

Last year, the organization surprised over 200 students at Garfield Elementary School with new shoes, but they wanted to do even more in 2020. The IFY Iowa director Andre Dawson told CBS 2, "To come into this year and not only have COVID, but have our entire city destroyed by a derecho...we put a little bit more effort into it." Over 300 people helped to make this year's event happen last Thursday, December 17th.

The 315 students at Grant Elementary were not only given a pair of Nike shoes, but also cereal and a backpack filled with school supplies thanks to General Mills. There were also "golden tickets" slipped randomly into five of the boxes, and those lucky five kids get to take a trip to either Foot Locker or Finish Line to pick out any pair of shoes that they want!

Needless to say, the kids at Grant were VERY surprised! Check out a video with some of their reactions on the CBS 2 article HERE.

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