At least once or twice a week I see someone asking this question of social media. What service should they use when they cut the cord and get rid of cable? People are getting sick and tired of paying $100 to $200 for their cable or satellite TV packages. And fortunately for consumers, there are cheaper options out there.

Variety magazine reports that over 33 million people will get rid of traditional cable or satellite TV service in 2018. The biggest reason? Price. I'm among those that went a different route this year. My satellite bill was around $120 a month. That along with our high-speed internet was getting a little too pricey. If you're looking to cut the cord there are lots of services to choose from. Hulu, Sling, Direct TV Now, and Youtube TV are just some of the options you have to choose from.

I did the research and found that Youtube TV was the right choice for our family. All of my local channels are included and I still get plenty of movie channels and all the sports channels I need. The best part is it's only $40 a month. Some services have plans that start as low as $20 a month! Don't be afraid to get rid of cable. You might miss a few channels, but you'll love saving some green!


[via KCRG]

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