I remember the deep satisfaction when I canceled my cable subscription and got Youtube TV. Gone was my $130 a month satellite bill. I was only paying $35 a month, I got all my local channels, and I missed very few of the channels I had when I paid for cable. Then came the first price increase. OK, no big deal. Now I had to pay $40 a month. But yesterday, Youtube TV announced another price hike.

The latest bump will push the monthly price to $50 a month. Why the ten dollars a month hike? They're adding more channels to their lineup. And while yes, I appreciate my viewing options, somewhere you've got to draw the line. People like myself went to these streaming programs to save money. I chose Youtube TV because I could stream all my local channels and didn't need an antenna. But it seems like everything is going up in price. Netflix is raising prices again. If you want to watch Game of Thrones you need HBO GO. That's another $15 a month. Amazon is $13. Hulu is $10. And then you have the new entries like Disney Plus that will debut later this year. When does it end?

I'm not ditching Youtube TV. It still makes the most sense for me. And I will enjoy watching the new channels next month like Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, and Animal Planet. But when will the streaming price increases stop? I thought cutting the cord was supposed to save me money.

[via CNN]

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