It looks like we weren't the only ones who went all out for Halloween this year! Yesterday was Day 13 of our '13 Days of Halloween' and we asked you to show us your costumes for 2018. We got a TON of submissions that we thoroughly enjoyed looking through.

I went out for Halloween twice this past week, and there were quite a few costumes that I saw multiple times. Some popular couples costumes I noticed were the "Filter" and "No Filter" hashtags, Jenny and Forrest Gump, Danny and Sandy from "Grease," Beauty & the Beast, and Beetlejuice and Lydia. I also saw quite a few costumes from "The Greatest Showman," the show "Bob's Burgers," the movie "Up," and there were LOTS of Harley Quinns!

Out of over 300 entries, here are our favorite Halloween costumes from listeners in 2018:

The Best 2018 Halloween Costumes in Eastern Iowa

Did you share a photo with us? If not, post one in the comments!

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