When the new year hits, most people resolve to eat healthier. Whether it's by cutting out alcohol for dry January, or starting the Whole 30 diet, or just cutting out unnecessary sweets, everyone starts strong.

But as we approach February, resolve is truly tested. We're still a few weeks out from Valentine's Day, but the candy shelves are already fully stocked. Each time I go for groceries, I'm tempted by giant chocolate hearts or XOXO's. And now there's the newest Oreo.

If you're the type of person who prefers the stuffing over the cookie itself, then these are 1000 percent the cookies for you. They've been labeled as "The Most Stuf" Oreos, with the label reading "Most. Creme. Ever." Take a look:

00044000058678_OREO_13.4Z OREO THE MOST STUF_US_2019

Of course, you might be thinking that the label over-exaggerates. But it really doesn't, at least according to Twitter:

Go out and grab some. We've spotted them at Cedar Rapids retailers. Say goodbye to healthy eating resolutions, and hello to getting lost in Oreo stuffing!

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