Online shopping has been the demise of many retailers, causing less of a need for brick-and-mortar stores. It seems for grocery stores, shopping online may have the opposite effect.

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KCRG reports that Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee's Aisles Online service has grown from having 10 employees when it started to now having 60 employees. This number jumped over the last few months.

Melinda Rouw shops for customers at the Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee through the service and told KCRG that her nine or 10 hour days fly by, as she stays busy handling hundreds of orders every week.

The report states that before the pandemic, Johnson Hy-Vee saw 180 to 200 Aisle Online orders each week. As you can imagine, that number has now quadrupled. The store's HR manager Sarah Kew told KCRG that they average 800 orders a week and peaked at 1,500.

Kew also said that "she could easily hire another 10 people for the department at her store." If you're looking for a job, this could be just the thing for you. Hy-Vee Director of Public Relations Christina Gayman told KCRG that they are "looking to add about 350 to 400 people for Aisles Online positions" in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.

You can find the full list of available jobs here if you're interested in applying.

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