If you're worried about saving money for your kids for college, you might want to worry about daycare first!

A new study found that in 23 states, the annual cost of full-time daycare is more than the tuition of an in-state college. You're probably wondering, "is Iowa one of those states?" You betcha!

The study estimated that the average cost of a year of full-time daycare for a 4-year-old in Iowa is $8,216. The average cost of a year of tuition? $7,839. It's not a whole lot more, but it's still a lot! That $8,216 makes up about 12.6% of a median income.

Luckily we're not living in Massachusetts, because that's where daycare is the most expensive, with an average of $12,781 a year. Ouch! Those parents are probably stoked when they can send their kids to school full-time instead!

As a person without children, I didn't realize just how much parents are paying. You have to appreciate these awesome daycare workers, though! Everybody wants their kids to be in good hands. How much did/do you pay for full-time daycare? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Wall Street Journal]