If you are a frequent customer of your local Olive Garden, you might want to start preparing. Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Passes officially go on sale tomorrow afternoon!

What is a Never Ending Past Pass, you ask? According to the Olive Garden website:

"The Pasta Pass allows a Passholder to enjoy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion at Olive Garden as many times as they wish in-restaurant for 8 weeks."

Not only do you get unlimited pasta, but unlimited soup/salad and breadsticks, as well! It will cost you $100, and the card is not valid on to-go orders, but your in-restaurant redemptions are UNLIMITED. The promotion runs September 24th through November 4th, which is the perfect time to put on some of that pre-Iowa winter weight. Carbs will keep you warm!

This year Olive Garden is doing something even MORE intense. They are offering an ANNUAL Never-Ending Pasta Pass. That's right: for $300, you can get 52 weeks of unlimited pasta. Just think of all the Alfredo sauce you could consume in a year...

So, here's the deal - the passes sell out REAL quick. They go on sale tomorrow, August 23rd at 1 p.m. and will stay on sale for exactly 30 minutes, or until they are sold out. There are 23,000 regular Pasta Passes available and only 1,000 Annual Pasta Passes available. If you want to gets yours before they're gone, you'll need to be ready and waiting right at 1 p.m. To get all the information you need, click HERE.

And yes, the passes are available at all U.S. locations, which includes the ones in Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Dubuque, Waterloo, Davenport, and Moline.

Good luck, Olive Garden lovers! I wish you all the pasta in the world!

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