Ahead of releasing their upcoming self-titled album, country group Old Dominion has unveiled "My Heart is a Bar." Like the previously-shared single "One Man Band" before it, the new track shows a more vulnerable side to a group that has made a name for themselves with high-energy, confidence-studded bangers.

This time around, Old Dominion compare their heart to a bar that gets used and abused time and time again. Instead of being involved in meaningful relationships, things are more one sided -- and, the group sings in the chorus, it's time for that to end. "My heart is a bar and I'm closing it down / So find somewhere else to get drunk in this town," the song's lyrics insist. "I'm tired of being a shoulder and never having one around / My heart is a bar and I'm closing, I'm closing it down." Press play above to listen to the full song and see the accompanying music video.

The band has stated that their more complex, emotionally varied batch of new songs is partly intentional, and partly due to a natural growth process. "Part of it was a conscious effort to dive a little deeper. You always wanna show a new side of [yourself], as an artist," they muse. "We've just grown as songwriters and grown as a band. So I think that's just the natural progression, of not only growing as a band, but also getting to a point where we feel comfortable to show off that more vulnerable side..."

Old Dominion, the group's third studio album, will be released on Oct. 25. Old Dominion will arrive just over two years after the release of their sophomore album, Happy Endings, which dropped in August of 2017. The group has been on the road since the start of 2019 for their Make It Sweet Tour.

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