This past week all three of my kids got their flu shots. I asked the nurse if they'd seen many cases of the flu yet this season. She stated that they hadn't, but they expected that to change soon. Yes, flu season is coming but it's not too late to get treated.

By the way, my kids were not allowed the flu mist that has become an option the past few years. The reason was that they believed that it wouldn't protect them against the flu strains believed to be headed our way this year. In fact, the state medical examiner Patricia Quinlisk says she's concerned about flu season in Iowa because all four main flu strains have been confirmed within the state. The good news? Your flu shot will protect you against all four strains.

Quinlisk urged residents to get a flu shot and that it is NOT too late to do so! Also, ask for the quadrivalent version of the shot which will protect you from all four strains. Remember, the flu shot doesn't mean you WON'T get the flu, but it is your best bet in avoiding the sickness.


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