Firefighters are one of the many that put their lives on the line everyday to help others. They act as first responders in emergencies and look out for the well being of our communities on a daily basis. Despite their hard work, they don't always get the support they deserve when it comes to new technology and equipment.

Well, that's about to change for two fire departments. Nest, a company focused on "creating a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it", and the Leary Firefighters Foundation teamed up to give back. They will be giving two fire departments a $25,000 grant to be used toward new technology and equipment.

There are fire departments all over the U.S. that could use this grant, but it would be great to see our own local heroes receive some new equipment to help better serve our communities. If you would like to nominate a local fire department, you can do so via THIS FORM.

Just enter your zip code in the form to nominate your local department, and for an additional vote share a story about why they should win. The nomination period will end at midnight on May 12. For more details visit

Give thanks to our hometown heroes with your nomination today. And no matter which department wins, we know they will be well deserving!

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