Six different members of the department have become dads to new babies in the last seven months!

The guys are all volunteers at the Mediapolis Police Department in Mediapolis, Iowa. The six firefighters are Captain Troy Garrison, Captain Tom Brockett, and firefighters Adam Welp, Skyler Schwerin, Seth Eberhardt, and Cody Tisor. They've all become dads starting last August, right up to the last few weeks. Adam Welp told

Adam Welp told ABC News his wife created the outfits are wearing in these adorable photos and the video below, using "some old retired gear."

According to Inside Edition, there are only 22 total firefighters on the city's fire department. Wikipedia says the population of Mediapolis was 1,560 in 2010. Thanks to the fire department's families, those numbers are going to be rising.

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