Ringing in the new year shouldn't be so...strange.

While America remains focused on Mariah Carey's train wreck of a performance, the other side of the planet was treated to a different kind of ugly way to welcome 2017.

This clip comes courtesy of an Australian TV show called The Loop, in which several people who won a competition to help count down to 2017 were brought on camera to do just that. The only problem? These lucky souls look like they'd rather be just about anywhere else. Being camera-ready was obviously not one of the categories in this competition. They don't join in with the jubilant hosts while counting down from 10 and glumly walk off set after they reach the new year.

Everyone is so in sync with their disinterest that we have to wonder if this was staged. Why would they enter a competition if they were only going to act like moody teenagers? Something doesn't add up here. If 2016 was a bad year, maybe 2017 will be one filled with mystery.

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