We've all heard the saying, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but a new study out of the University of Iowa has helped confirm that it's actually true!

According to CBS 2, an epidemiologist at the University of Iowa by the name of Wei Bao was the author of a new study relating breakfast to heart health. In case you didn't know (because I didn't), epidemiologists are, "public health professionals who investigate patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans."

Past studies have shown that not eating breakfast can be related to a higher risk of conditions like diabetes and hypertension, but this particular study was the first to find a connection between and skipping breakfast and cardiovascular disease. CBS 2 reports that researchers found that, "people age 40-75 who never ate breakfast had an 87% higher risk of death by cardiovascular disease than people who ate breakfast every day."

Wei Bao says that eating breakfast helps to jump start our bodies and set our biological clocks every day, and that it's a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast food is actually my favorite overall food group, so I don't know why anyone would want to skip it! Plus, I'm starving when I wake up, so if I don't eat right away I get super hangry. You can ask my coworkers; I am NOT pleasant when my stomach is empty.

Eat some breakfast tomorrow... it'll make your heart happy! Read more from the study HERE.

[Via CBS 2]

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