Another survey has surfaced that praises what is known as the 'Dad Bod'. I'm 42 years old, and if you like the Dad Bod look, well, I'm your man. Is this new survey just an ego boost as Father's Day approaches this weekend? I don't know and I'm not sure I care!

The survey reveals that 69% of women think that a Dad Bod is sexy. 63% of women prefer the Dad Bod to a guy to who is in great shape! Ha! Those donuts are really paying off! So what is the official definition of a Dad Bod? It is defined as 'relatively fit, but neither lean nor muscular'. Now I know I'm not lean, but I'd like to think I've still got some muscle left.

Why do women like the Dad Bod? 78% of women think that it proves a man is comfortable in his own skin. 47% of women say that the Dad Bod is the new six pack! Yes, a little extra padding is actually in style right now.

Finally, 92% of men with a Dad Bod say they're happy in their marriage, 81% are happy with life in general, and 61% say they're proud of their body. Lately, I've been thinking about losing some weight. But maybe I'm fine where I'm at. Sure, the six pack is gone and the waist size has grown a bit. But that's the Dad Bod life. It's not for everyone.


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