There may be hope for me yet!

A recent study revealed that men who have dogs are puppies are considered to be more attractive than men with cats.

The exact numbers, according to state that a man with a dog is 24% "sexier" than a man with a cat for a pet.

If you want to be seen as a trustworthy man, dogs are still better, but make sure it's a smaller one. Puppies make guys 14% more trustworthy.

The same holds true for ladies. Women with a medium-sized pooch are 7% more attractive and, believe it or not, a woman who owns a cat was actually found to actually be less sexy than dog-owning females.

See more about this study HERE and share your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile, here is a photo of my chick-magnet, Riley, in hopes it will prove the survey true.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

[Via Petsies]

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