A new 'Saturday Night Live' sketch will make you appreciate mom a little bit more this holiday season!

This weekend was Saturday Night Live's final episode of the year, so they made sure to get an amazing host: former cast member Kristen Wiig. Kristen participated in a whole slew of sketches during the last episode of 2020, but the best of the bunch had to be "Christmas Morning."

"Christmas Morning" stars Kristen and Beck Bennett as two parents who are excitedly woken up by their children (played by Chloe Fineman and Kyle Mooney) on Christmas morning. The whole family breaks into song as they open up their gifts and show off all their new stuff. The kids get things like a drone, a hoverboard, a LEGO Millennium Falcon, a phone, a telescope, rollerblades, and more, while the husband shows off his new pizza oven, an autographed baseball bat, a watch, and a laptop. Even the dog gets a whole bunch of gifts! But, what does mom get? A robe. That's it. A robe.

The video goes on to show mom wearing her robe, which still has the sale tag attached, as she opens up her empty stocking, makes breakfast, and burns herself, all while the rest of the family has the time of their lives. The moral of the story?

"Your mom does everything for your family. This year, get her more than one present. Moms like stuff, too."

Moms really are the unsung heroes of the holidays. As an adult, I realize that all the Christmas "magic" I remember from my childhood was actually HER. I have so many wonderful memories and received so many amazing presents, all the while, my mom only got whatever my brother and I could afford with HER money at our school's "Santa Shop." One year, both of us unknowingly picked out the same glass Christmas bell. She got two identical, cheap bells for Christmas that year, but she still acted so grateful and excited. I go a little bit overboard now to make up for all those disappointing years, and I did get her a really nice robe a few years ago...

If you have an incredible mom like mine, make sure you let her know how much you appreciate her this holiday season! She doesn't do what she does for the praise or the recognition, but she certainly deserves all of it.

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