It was quite a weekend at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City. And Iowa-based clothing store RAYGUN is once again coming to the rescue with several new shirts that celebrate the big wins.

Let's recap. Last Saturday Payton Sandfort hit a three-point shot that tied the game against Michigan State. The Hawkeyes rallied from 13 down to force overtime, and eventually win the game 112-106.

A tough act to follow, right? But the Iowa women hosted 2nd ranked Indiana on Sunday. The back-and-forth game came down to one last play, and Iowa's Caitlin Clark with the ball in her hands.

When asked in a postgame interview about her game-winning shot, Caitlin Clark stated that "honestly, I thought it was money." Enter the folks at RAYGUN. CBS2 reports that the Iowa-based clothing company has some new shirts for sale that playoff Clark's quote. One shirt says "Iowa City is Money", while the other says "Money, Iowa 52242."

RAYGUN, based out of Des Moines, also has stores in Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City. You might want to stop and pick one up quick before they're gone! Just one more way to celebrate an amazing weekend of basketball in Iowa City! LET'S GO HAWKS!

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