How great is the Nintendo Switch gaming system? I got one a couple of years ago when they first came out for the kids..OK, and me too. But when they stopped playing it, I traded it in on a new XBOX. Flash forward several years later and the Switch is hot again. We recently brought the system back into our home and now I have to battle the girls for it whenever I want to play Animal Crossing! Nintendo is making news lately though for what could be coming later this year. A 'new' Nintendo Switch.

So what will 'new' mean? Well it won't mean a completely next generation system. Nintendo has consistently said that it doesn't want to try and keep up with Microsoft and Sony and their next generation systems. But the new Switch will have some fairly important upgrades for users. The experts at IGN say that Nintendo is in the process of using a new processor for their gaming system. That would mean that the new Switch would be able to play 4K video from it's dock. The new Switch would also feature a new CPU, faster processing times, and a new 7 inch OLED screen on the handheld system itself.

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I'm going to be honest. I'm fine with what Switch offers right now. Docked, you still get HD 1080p viewing, and the handheld device, while clearly not as bright as the newest cell phone screens, still gets the job done. But Nintendo knows that these new features are important to many. So what about the price tag? Right now, sources say the new Switch could cost you an extra $50 t0 $100 than the current Switch which still sells for $299 new.

The new Nintendo Switch, could be available for the holiday shopping season this fall.


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