One of our coworkers upgraded their phone this week, and we're wondering what took him so long!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I would be totally lost without my smartphone (literally AND figuratively). It's not only the key to all forms of communication, but it's also my GPS, my camera, my TV, my bank, and so much more. When I see someone without a smartphone, I'm a little envious that they can get by without using today's technology. Still, I wouldn't trade mine in for almost anything.

This week, one of our coworkers wrote a blog about how he FINALLY upgraded his slider phone to a smartphone. I was completely unaware that slider phones still existed, seeing as I haven't had one since I was 17 (I had to get rid of it when I slid the top part of the phone up and half of the bottom part slid up with it). He said that he resisted it for a long time because he didn't feel like he needed a fancy phone, but now that he has one he wonders why it took him so long!

Now, I KNOW that he isn't the only one who rejected a piece of new technology for an older one! When we met Dierks Bentley at his concert in February, he pulled out a flip phone and we were in AWE. And I know that, until recently, my grandma was still taping her shows using a tiny TV with a built in VHS, totally ignoring the DVR on her big screen. We want to know: what piece of "outdated" technology are you still using, and WHY do you refuse to upgrade? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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