It's been about nine months since Adventureland Park in Altoona announced they would have a new roller coaster in 2021. Then came a video of what the crazy thing will do. 'Slayer' is definitely the right word. Wow, what a ride it's gonna be. Just watch what thrills the Dragon Slayer has in store for you!

Just a couple of weeks ahead of Thanksgiving the track for the new 4D ride was completed. The steel roller coaster has seats that can "rotate independently of the orientation of the track," according to a report from WHO-TV. A free spin? For roller coaster-lovers it's like I said, this bad boy will slay you.

Now here we are, less than two months from Adventureland Park's opening for 2021 and they've begun testing the new Dragon Slayer roller coaster. It's our first look at the new coaster in action, in the Iowa theme park, albeit absent of people. For now.

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I wouldn't recommend a big meal or a giant drink before you hop on the new coaster. I'm pretty sure you'll regret that at least on your first upside-down trip. The Dragon Slayer is expected to open sometime in June. Have fun! I know you will.

Adventureland opens to the general public the week of May 8. Here is the latest information about Adventureland's rules for the upcoming year.

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