There's a new roller coaster coming to Adventureland! Get a sneak peek of this 4D beast.

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The coronavirus pandemic put a big damper on our summer festivities, but we're slowly starting to see things go back to normal and open up again. Even big theme parks like Adventureland opened back up for the season on June 3. Not only did the park open, but there were even some big changes in store for us.

We told you last month, that the "Dragon" coaster was being taken down to be replaced by a brand new roller coaster. Well, construction crews worked hard to dismantle the 30-year-old coaster and get ready for something bigger and better (depending on who you ask). You can see footage of the 'Dragon' being torn down in the KCCI video below:

Now, we finally have a look at what's in store for us with the new coaster. According to WHO-13, it's called the "Dragon Slayer". This thing looks intense. WHO-13 reports that Adventureland shared a video showing a 4D Free Spin roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. This coaster is apparently what we can expect from the "Dragon Slayer". Adventureland posted the video on their Facebook page showing what we assume is a sneak peek, as the post was labeled "Coming in 2021- Dragon Slayer!". Check this thing out.

Pretty crazy, huh? The 4D part is basically riders that "rotate independently of the orientation of the track", according to the WHO report. In the video, you can see riders flipping around as the coaster moves throughout the track. It's probably best to not eat a big meal before you try this one out since there's a lot going on. The park is hoping to have the coaster up and running in 2021. Until then, we'll just have to take the virtual ride in the video.

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