A host of new Iowa laws will go into effect on July 1, but few of them could be more important than one that will protect people and no doubt save lives.

The new law requires all apartments and homes in Iowa to have carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide (CO) has no odor, no color, and can kill you. A friend of mine was unknowingly poisoned by it a couple years ago. She was in bad shape for awhile and is just now beginning to feel 100 percent again. The outcome could've been much worse and in many cases is.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Isolated

Former Iowa governor Terry Branstad signed the law back in 2016, giving everyone plenty of time to get their houses in order, if you will. Unfortunately, the new law hasn't been talked about much at all. According to WQAD, residences with gas stoves, fireplaces, fuel-burning heaters, and garages will all be required to have carbon monoxide detectors. Hopefully, your home or apartment already has both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors but if not, please don't wait until July 1 to install them!

The new law will be enforced with an inspections program from the State Fire Marshal. Let's hope they don't find a single violation.

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