Here we go again!

he Cedar Rapids Police Department, a new email scam is targeting Eastern Iowans.The Facebook post from New Year's Eve reads:

"Citizens are reporting receiving e-mails in reference to unpaid traffic camera fines. This appears to be a scam."

The CRPD urge people to NEVER give out financial information via email or through a link where you can't verify the recipient of the information. I know that seems like common sense to many people, but it's still helpful to get the word out, just in case. I've personally received some scam emails in the past that looked really legitimate, but I've heard enough about them not to fall victim to one.

It's also worth noting that the I-380 traffic cameras haven't issued any tickets since 2017, so you should already be aware of any money you owe. If you have any questions about your past traffic camera debts, you can always contact the finance department at (319) 286-5134.

[Via CBS2]

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