One of Netflix’s biggest deals so far in the original movie space was with Adam Sandler, who signed on to make four films with the streaming service, and then recently re-upped with the online media titan for another four masterpieces. Maybe you have seen some of their collaborations so far, The Ridiculous 6The Do-Over, and the just-released Sandy Wexler. If the figures Netflix just released are accurate, the odds are you have.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, there’s a reason why Netflix remains in the Sandler business, even if the reviews of some of these Happy Madison productions make Gigli look like an Academy Award winner. “In its quarterly shareholder letter,” THR notes, “the company said that its members have spent more than a half a billion hours watching Sandler's films on the streamer.”

500 million hours of Adam Sandler movies! Assuming that includes other Sandler movies available on Netflix made before the deal (they also offer The Waterboy, Big Daddy, The Cobbler, Hotel Transylvania 2, and Anger Management at the moment) that’s an average of 62 million hours per Sandler film. At about 90 minutes each, that means each one has been viewed, on average, over 41 million times. That’s 41 million times someone thought “Should I watch Orange Is the New Black or Jessica Jones or Beasts of No Nation or new Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Win It All or The Get Down or Black Mirror or The Discovery or new Louis C.K. standup specials? Nah, let’s check out The Cobbler.”

I’m not here to tell you how to spend your entertainment time and dollar, but, y’know, maybe check out any of those other things I just mentioned (or browse our weekly staff picks) the next time you’re hard up for something to watch.



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