Vegetarians will now have another option for pizza toppings. Veggies aren't the only toppings vegetarians can get on their pizzas, now they can get meat too! Well, fake meat. A national pizza brand has added plant-based meat to their menu.

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As someone who is not a big meat eater, this makes me really excited. Pizza Hut is now in partnership with Beyond Meat, according to KCCI. The report states that Pizza Hut is the "first national chain to introduce plant-based meat pizzas across the U.S." Now you can order sausage pizza without the sausage. The "Beyond Italian Sausage" pizza features a plant-based Italian sausage substitute. They also have a "Great Beyond" pizza which is a veggie pizza topped with the Beyond sausage crumble.

I eat the Beyond Burgers regularly and they are soooo good. I imagine that the sausage substitute is just as delicious. According to the report, the "Beyond Italian Sausage" crumble features garlic, paprika, and fennel seeds to mimic the sausage flavor. Yum. It's nice for non meat eaters to have more options. Especially, when they taste just like the real thing. Have you tried it yet? If so, tell us how it was. Send us a message or even a photo in the app.

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