Every Thursday we highlight a problem from a listener. We give our advice and ask other listeners to offer advice. Welcome to the Counseling Corner.

Dear Brain and Courtlin,

I have a pretty serious issue concering a friend's relationship and I could really use some advice. I've been really good friends with this guy, let's call him "Jim," for years now. Jim and I are very close and tell eachother everything. Jim has a girlfriend named "Jane" that he has been dating a little over a year, and since we spend a lot of time together, I have become close with her, as well. Even to the point where we will hang out on our own without Jim around. Well, recently Jim confided in me that he cheated on Jane while he was intoxicated, and he doesn't know if he should tell her. I, of course, urged him to come clean and tell Jane the truth, but it's been a few weeks and he still hasn't told her. Now I'm torn, because Jim is my best friend, so my loyalty is to him, but I'm also friends with Jane and I hate keeping this from her. I hate that he told me he cheated because it put me in such an awkward position. What do I do? Do I just keep my mouth shut? Or do I come out with the truth? Please help!