School is back in session! It's that time of year where photos of kiddos going back to school flood all of our social media newsfeeds. Proud parents are posting pictures of their children's first day back and there's one trend that's standing out. As you've probably seen, parents are taking pictures of their kids holding signs that list things like their name, age, class (or what grade they are in), favorite things and what they want to be when they grown up. It's a pretty adorable trend and it'll be cool to see how their favorite things and career aspirations evolve through the years.

We've seen a lot of photos of kids and their back to school signs, but what about adults? Some Iowa grandparents wanted to get in on this trend. Folks at Garden View Assisted Living in Carroll, Iowa loved seeing all of the back to school photos, so they decided to create their own. Here's what advice they had to offer all of the youngsters headed back to class.

That's some good advice! And who better to get advice from than those who have lived full lives and accumulated a wealth of knowledge? Take notes folks!

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