Cedar Rapids traffic camera tickets are once again coming under fire for improper wording used in the citations. The language used in the tickets threatened damage to the driver's credit score for non-payment.

Around 4800 letters went out on September 29th with the incorrect wording due to a staff error according to city officials. It's not clear how the error happened, but officials say that the correct language is now in place.

The notices stated that unpaid tickets would be turned over to the cities collection agency, which could have a negative impact on your credit rating. The Iowa Attorney General's office told cities in 2015 that non-payment for traffic tickets could NOT be used as a bad mark on someone's credit score.

Traffic camera's in Cedar Rapids have come under fire, including speeding cameras on I-380. The Iowa DOT has told the city to take them down, but the city has filed a class action lawsuit to keep them up. The interstate cameras issue over 100,000 tickets per yer and bring in over $5 million in revenue.


[via Gazette}

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