Many of us in Eastern Iowa are unaware of the important role that Collins Radio has played in American history, specifically during NASA's Apollo moon mission of the 1960s.

A new documentary that will be shown this Friday at Collins Road Theatres tells the amazing story of how the company, now known as Collins Aerospace, helped transmit and broadcast man's trip to the moon.

I've known for years of the role Collins had in building the best radio transmitters that for decades have powered the nation's biggest radio broadcast stations. And many in Cedar Rapids are aware of the high tech advancements that were made right here in our own backyard by Collins. But did you know this Friday, December 21 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission that became the first manned space flight to orbit the moon?

Today's Gazette article outlines the documentary "Moon Talk" highlights:

In the film, Michael M. Collins, the oldest son of company founder Arthur Collins, recalls how the astronauts’ Christmas Eve reading from the Bible was broadcast to listeners on Earth via Collins Radio technology.

It will be shown free of charge this Friday, December 21, at Collins Road Theatres. The showing is scheduled for 11:30 a.m.

Pass the popcorn and move over - you'll find me in the front row.

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