19-year-old Carley Arnold represented Iowa well at this weekend's Miss Teen USA 2017 Pageant!

This past Saturday, the 2017 Miss Teen USA Pageant was held at the Phoenix Symphony Hall in Arizona. Out of 51 contestants, Miss Missouri Teen Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff ended up taking home the crown, but our Iowa contestant didn't go unrecognized, as she made the top 15 ahead of Saturday's event.

Carley Arnold is from Chariton, Iowa, and currently attends school at the University of Northern Iowa. According to her bio, she is currently majoring in biology and hopes to one day become an orthodontist. Carley graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA and was involved in many fitness activities, including volleyball, basketball, and softball. On Saturday night, she participated in the athletic wear and evening gown categories, and her dress very much reminded me of Belle in Beauty and the Beast! You can see photos HERE.

Carley also wrote a blog ahead of the pageant titled, "4 Quotes I Hope All Teen Girls Hear And Believe." You can read the whole thing HERE.

It's wonderful to have an intelligent, talented, and beautiful woman to represent Iowa in this national competition. Way to go, Carley!

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