KCRG TV reports that the state of Iowa has released new demographics on which members of the state's population are coming down with and suffering from coronavirus. The numbers show that cases in Iowa go against some national trends.

First, the good news. The statistics show that very few children in Iowa are affected by COVID-19. A child is categorized as anyone under the age of 17. This age group is only responsible for 1.2% of positive cases in Iowa. However, the news isn't as good for someone considered middle-aged. People in this age range, 41 to 60 years old, make up nearly 39% of the state's positive cases of coronavirus, despite accounting for only 24% of Iowa's population.

Statistics show that race and ethnicity make a difference in Iowa too. Iowa's population is 90% white, but they only make up 73% of positive cases. Other racial groups makeup 9.7% of Iowa's population but account for 13.4% of positive cases.

The data is available for the public to view at the Iowa Department of Public Health's website. 


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