If you've upgraded your cell phone lately to a newer model, you're familiar with the pay as you go plan. On your monthly bill, you have a device payment which is spread over two years. It allows you to have the latest device and not have to pay hundreds of dollars up front. Microsoft is about to unleash the same deal for gamers.

The company has confirmed that the new Xbox All Access Plan is a go. The new service is up and live at Microsoft.com. For one monthly price, you get a new Xbox One X or standard Xbox One S, the monthly Xbox Live membership and the monthly Xbox Game Pass membership. How much? Depending on the system you want, between $22 and $35 per month! I already pay for Chases' monthly membership for both of those and it runs me $20 per month. So for just a bit more, you can also get a brand new Xbox system too!

So why is Microsoft doing this? It's actually a repeat of something they did six years ago. The next generation of gaming consoles is on the horizon, so they're hoping by simplifying the buying process, more people will jump in on this generation of consoles before they're obsolete. But even so, the price points are reasonable so I can see a lot of people taking advantage of the deal.

There are some details you need to be aware of though. You can only do the deal in person at a participating Microsoft Store. I checked online and the only one in Iowa is at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. You also have to set up Dell Prefered Account which is basically a line of credit you have to qualify for. Don't worry, it's the same process you go through when you sign up for cellular service. And just like your cell contract, you have to commit for two years. Happy gaming!


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